AAPSCORP maintains a system of sustainability encompassing three areas of our organisation to ensure the impact we have on people and environment is as positive as possible. We achieve this through integrated systems in;
  Strategy and Management, where we identify our strategic management approach which in turn directly effects how our sustainable our business is. Our management system known as our Project Integrity Management System has been developed to specifically ensure that our business operates in a Safe, Environmentally friendly and efficient manner. This system encompasses all of our operations from concept design to construction completion and Project Life Support activities.  
  Design and Technology, where we develop opportunities to raise energy efficiencies through our engineering design phases, and then to maintain a robust environmental reporting system which will ensure we minimise our environmental footprint wherever it is that we operate.  
  Our Operations departments where on a daily basis we encourage our people to identify energy savings and the subsequent efficiencies arising from those, through to a more sustainable supply chain which identifies the carbon footprint of our materials and suppliers.  
  Risk Management is at the forefront of how we do our business. From the Health and Safety of our people, the impact we have on the environment through to all our business decision making processes, we know it is important to manage the risk of all things that we do. We encourage all our people to be a “Risk Manager” for themselves, colleagues and the organisation.