Emergency Life Support Services


AAPSCORP Life Support Services (LSS).  Specializing in Disaster Relief Packages for large scale disasters such as Typhoon, Earthquake, and Flood relief.


Our Emergency Response Group consists of:

• Emergency Responders
• Business Continuity Planners (BCP) and,
• Crisis Management Response


The Business Continuity Planners (BCP) team provides a strategic view of the project or business hazards to identify the specific project response needs for the business and the people working within it. This overview is based on a hazard analysis of the project or business as a whole. The resulting plan is tailored to the needs of the workplace which results in more effective and efficient delivery of client needs.

The Emergency Responders provide the day to day response capability in Medical and Fire Rescue, personnel and assets to high risk, remote area and early works projects.

The 24 / 7 Crisis Management Response team assists our clients through business emergencies as part of the Business Continuity plan delivery.

AustAsia Project Services responders have been carefully recruited to ensure a high level of academic knowledge combined with extensive experience in incident response. These personnel come to us from around the globe with professional, civil or military backgrounds to guarantee our clients the best possible outcomes.


Effective prevention strategies are achieved when a rigorous risk assessment process is applied. From this process, hazards are highlighted and possible risk scenarios which may affect the business are assessed. From that point, planning for preparation, response and recovery can be completed.


Preparation for elimination or mitigation of identified hazards and risks can be achieved through numerous methods, including introduction of procedural changes, organizational change or introduction of appropriate assets.


An effective and timely response to any incident can significantly reduce the impact of any uncontrolled incident. Our response teams manage all types of personnel and business emergencies, and the effective preparation procedure in place assist that process.


The recovery process after any incident can make the difference between a business returning to normal operations quickly or not returning to any operations at all. Subsequently, the importance of a sound recovery plan is integral to the overall business resilience process.

Capabilities include:

The AustAsia Fire Response team provides a professional prevention and response capability wherever they are deployed. As well as prevention and response, our teams develop specific site training packages to support site Safety teams with high risk work tasks like Confined Space , Working at Heights and Work positioning.

  • Structural, Marine, Industrial and Hazmat.
  • Aviation and Airfield Emergency Planning
  • Incident Command Structures and Personnel
  • Complete Operational teams with experienced and qualified leadership and team members.


Our Medical Support team skill-set can support any project anywhere on the globe with Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and support staff able to establish high-level medical support capabilities tailored to the hazards of the project location and environment.


  • Operational Clinics to suit the project needs
  • Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics
  • Medical Evacuation Planning

AustAsia can assist in identifying areas of your business which may create issues in maintaining normal operations. Once identified, we develop strategies to eliminate or, if necessary to mitigate the risk to your business, followed by suitable response planning and efficient recovery plans so your business gets back to normal operations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Training and Development
  • Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Activation and Deployment

Emergency Response - Crisis Management

In the event of your Business Continuity plan being activated, the AustAsia team provides a rapid and efficient response to assist our clients through the emergency situation. Our support in this role continues through response and recovery stages.

  • Crisis Team Development
  • Team training Exercises
  • On Call Assistance during emergencies.
  • Response Requirement Assessment
  • Response Personnel
  • Asset Acquisition

Emergency Response - Oil Spill Response

AustAsia ERG provides 24/7 assistance access to help with any emergency which may affect your personnel or business resilience. Once notified, our ERG can provide advice, personnel and equipment support as previously identified in the planning process or as the situation demands.

Emergency Response - 24/7 Assistance